Performance 18

CP18 alters the traditional Pilates class, with a modern twist on workouts that consist of small controlled movements that result in big changes over time. We will keep you motivated, challenged and in sync to your mind & body. This modern approach will keep your muscles guessing while giving you a great workout centered around your core, posture awareness, and increased flexibility and balance.  


Our exercises strengthen your core. From your shoulders to knees, this whole “Powerhouse” is essential for balancing and stability and preventing falls and injuries. A strong and flexible core underpins almost everything that you do from scooping up a package to maintaining good posture sitting in the car. The core work in CP18 lessens the wear and tear of your deep abdominals. By developing a strong core you will be sure to enjoy your active lifestyle for years to come.

CP18 is a beneficial workout and essential for a happy and healthy you.  I know you will love the results that will trickle into your athletic and everyday performance.  Hope to see you at Core Performance 18 soon!