Whether you’re a seasoned professional athlete or a weekend warrior, whether you swing a golf club or jump for a ball, CP18 can be the perfect complement to help improve your game.

CP18 is not only a refreshing mind-body workout, it helps you become more in tune with your body’s specific needs and lays a perfect foundation for whatever sport you are about to tackle. By doing the natural, full body movements of CP18, you will tone and lengthen muscles that will, in turn, increase the flexibility and strength your need to participate in many activities.  On a deeper level, to help prevent any injuries, you will also increase in tendon, bone and ligament strength which is vital for all athletes.



CP18 improves sports overall performance.  You will find the exercises condition the whole body-even the ankles and feet-which contribute to healthy, balanced muscles.  Doing the same workout everyday will cause weak muscles to become weaker, and strong muscles to become stronger. Avoid this muscle imbalance and take care of your body as a whole.